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Projects & prices will vary dependent on number of

songs, genre, instrumentation & studio readiness, etc.


Tell us who you are, what you're doing and we’ll do our best for you.

Please contact us for a quote: 908-864-4949 or



bring us your old records or tapes and we will clean, then digitize them on CD or .MP3 for you.

(Eliminating clicks, crackles, pops, hiss, hum and digital impulse noises)



Call for recording rates, below are examples of packages we offer.

2 hrs. minimum recording time

plus set-up fee


Studio Session

Have fun while introducing yourself to the studio on a budget

• 2 hours of studio time
• play, sing & record your song with an engineer or professional

   friend of the studio
• sing a cover song (must bring own backing track/karaoke)
• we mix your track and give you a monitor mix on CD & digital download​

Songwriter Session

Record a favorite cover song or perform your original songs
with one instrument like an acoustic guitar, or piano + your voice

• perform your song live in studio or multi track
• record your tracks until your satisfied
• we mix your tracks
• we mix your track & you recieve a monitor mix of your performance on CD &    digital

Artist Demo

Great for recording a small EP with your band, live or multi-track recording

• 1-3 songs
• 4 hours of studio tracking time (plus mixing up to 3 hrs.)

  (tracking and/or mixing time in excess of 7 hrs. will be additionally charged)
• record  playing drums, keys, bass, guitar & vocals
• Includes mixing and editing
• you recieve a studio monitor mix of your performance on CD & digital download

Professional Artist

Mutli-Track Recording of Live off the floor

• 4-6 songs
• 8 hours of studio time (plus mixing up to 6 hrs.)

  (tracking and/or mixing in excess of 16 hrs. will be additionally charged)

• all overdubs
• tracks are mixed and edited with client, includes EFX, pitch correction, etc.
• you receive a studio mix version of your performance on CD & digital download

Full Album Production

Multi-Track Recording

For those who intend to create a full length album and release it to the public.


•25 hours of tracking time

• 4 days in the studio + 2 days editing / mixing with client, includes EFX, pitch correction, etc.

• overdubs / edits

• INCLUDES track mastering done at (grammy award winning) G&J Audio to industry standards (Red Book)

• 12  CD copies & CD printing plus Pro Tools Session on portable hard drive (you supply)

MIXING & EDITING: Please call for a quote

It doesn't matter if you record the tracks with us, your home studio or at another facility, we can mix your project to your satisfaction.

Our editing service also includes song arrangements, spoken word and music for video.

MASTERING: $65 per song

Mastering is the final step in the recording process, it is one of the most critical steps in what will ultimately determine the final results of your hard work.


Mastering may include but is not limited to:
• Sonic Enhancement and Correction with EQ & other tools
• Dynamic Enhancement and Optimization
• Stereo Image Enhancement
• Sequencing, Spacing, Fades, Song Editing
• PQ,  ISRC and text Encoding With CD Verification

• Audio Restoration

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Please call for a quote
  • Music Composition (commercials, websites, etc.)

  • Digital Format Transfers

  • DVD Backup of Pro Tools/Logic sessions

  • Level Matching

  • CD Duplication (short run)

  • Vinyl/Cassette to CD transfer

  • VHS/8MM to DVD transfer

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